Facial Rejuvenation

Cosmetic acupuncture is the treatment of fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentation, dry skin and other facial skin conditions using special diagnostic skills and very fine acupuncture needles.  It is based solely on the theory and practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine.  I believe it is the perfect anti-ageing medicine.  Your external beauty is the result of becoming healthier on the inside.  Achieving a more youthful appearance is accomplished in two ways:  by improving the balance of Qi (vital energy) and by bringing more Qi to your face.

What’s involved?

Amy will determine your treatment based on your health history and using Ruri Face Diagnosis.  Very fine acupuncture needles are then inserted into the appropriate areas of your body and face and left in place for about 20 minutes.

With each treatment you will notice your face looks fresher, your skin tone improves, your pores are minimized and your eyes sparkle.  Softening of lines generally begins after 4-5 weeks of treatment, as this is how long it takes for new collagen to be produced and skin cells to be renewed.

What is not involved?

  • NO chemicals.
  • NO injections.
  • NO surgery.
  • NO recovery period.

Facial Rejuvenation Treatment Packages

Two 60-minute appointments per week for 5-8 weeks (varies by individuals needs).

SPECIAL PACKAGE PRICE $1,200.00 includes 15 facial rejuvenation treatments.

Individual Facial Rejuvenation Treatments $100.00 per treatment.

Facial Rejuvination Image